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N&O Natural & Organic Latex-pedic Mattress
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HOW THE 9" Certified Organic is made

100% Certified Natural & Organic

 +   +   =  3 LAYERS

each certified organic 3" layer is individually wrapped in its own Natural & Organic Cotton "Sock"

available Soft, Regular Firm, Extra Firm and Ultra Firm

N&O 10-0% cotton and wool quilting  +  N&O 10-0% cotton and wool quilting   =  2 LAYERS (top and bottom)

1" of certified organic cotton and wool quilting on both sides

Mattress is completed with handles and zippered cover

completely reversible/quilted on both sides

20-year warranty

Simply the highest quality, more comfortable and healthiest mattress in the World!

The Certified Organic is not made like 99% of all other mattresses in the World.  The 9" Certified Organic, Natural and Organic, Mattress is made of 100% Certified Natural & Organic Latex.  The highest quality, most comfortable and most natural botanical material in the world:  100% Pure Natural and Organic Latex, Cotton and Wool.

No Toxins.  No Chemicals.  No Polyurethane.  No Fillers.  No Synthetics . . .
Healthy.  Comfortable.  Duarable.

Healthy.  We all sleep about 8 hours each and every night, breathing right on our mattresses. The government allows toxins, chemicals, polyurethane, synthetics and off-gassing in mattresses sold today.  Not being a food, there are not many laws and regulations on mattresses (or pillows) to insure that mattresses are safe, except for a fire-barrier requirement that usually adds more toxins and chemicals to your mattress (the Certified Organic only uses Natural and Organic wool as the fire barrier).  There are over 70 proven carcinogens that are legally allowed in today's mattresses.  And know one really knows if they will harm or kill you over time.  We do know the body has to fight off all toxins that enter the body and eliminate them.  The Certified Organic is made of Certified Organic Latex.  The Certification process not only makes sure that there are not only no harmful chemicals and toxins in your mattress, but also that no fertilizers and pesticides have been used for over 5 years in the making of the latex used in your mattress.

Each Certified Organic Mattress comes with a serial number that allows you to follow online the timeline of the Certification Process for your mattresses.

Every Certified Organic Mattress is specifically labeled with the GOLS and GOTS Certification.

Be careful.  Latex sold today can be 100% synthetic latex, and still be called Latex.  Some latex can be a blend of both real and synthetic latex.  It is also legal for latex mattresses to label themselves Natural but not disclose how much % (could be 1%)  Natural Latex is inside.   Also, many latex mattresses are sold today that may have a 1", 2" or 3" layer of latex on top (synthetic, blended or natural), but are 6" to 10" of polyurethane below, and still call themselves a latex mattress.  The Certified Organic is 100% Pure Certified Natural and Organic Latex top to bottom.


Healthy also means how you feel when you wake up - really the most important consideration when you buy a mattress.  Starting about 10 years ago, most mattress companies decided to sell you only half a mattress; which means only the top of your mattress has the "good-stuff."   Many of the biggest selling mattresses today are made of 100% polyurethane.  Almost all mattresses today (including the highest quality) are made non-reversible, quilted on just one side, with a warranty or just 10 years; And a disclaimer is usually added to the warranty that says your mattress must show an indentation of 1" to 1.5" to actually be defective.  The Certified Organic is completely reversible, quilted on both sides, has a 20-year warranty, has no 1" to 1.5" disclaimer, and is completely made of 100% PURE Certified Natural and Organic materials top to bottom.  The Certified Organic is OVER twice the mattress usually found in the industry.

The Certified Organic comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, Less 10% Restocking Fee, which covers all shipping and pick-up charges. 

 The Certified Organic Mattresses is available in (4) four different firmnesses:  Soft, Regular Firm, Extra Firm and Ultra Firm.  Select a Firmness for your Health (the most important consideration when you buy a mattress - HOW YOU FEEL WHEN YOU WAKE UP!):  A mattress has to keep your posture correctly aligned for you to wake up feeling your best, without pain, soreness and fatigue. 

  1. Soft  recommended for those who LOVE a SOFT mattress.

  2. Regular Firm  usually recommended for those around 150 pounds, who like it firm, but not too firm.

  3. Extra Firm   recommended for those who like a GOOD FIRM mattress, usually recommended for those near 200 pounds and who have some back problem issues

  4. Ultra Firm  recommended for those who LOVE the FIRMEST mattress available.

Certified Organic mattresses come with a 10-Day $75.00 Mattress Firmness Exchange Policy
(if you don't like the firmness, wishing your mattress to be softer or firmer, it is very easy to switch out the firmness layers inside.) 

Comfortable.  Nothing FEELS as good as 100% Natural and Organic Latex.  Being a Natural poduct like silk, soft cotton, cashmere, warm bath water, sunshine, . . . nothing feels more "loving" and luxurious than 100% Pure Natural and Organic Latex.  We all spend one-third of our lives in bed.  You should sleep on a mattress that you LOVE!  Nothing in the World is simply more comfortable and luxurious to the FEEL as 100% Natural and Organic Latex!  Unbelievable!! 

Nothing is as pressure-relieving and breathable as Latex.  We toss and turn when our hips, shoulders and boney parts lose circulation, or get too hot.  The Latex Mattress has the highest ratings in the industry for pressure-relief and breathability.  A standard innerspring mattress may make you toss and turn every 20 minutes to relieve pressure put on your body.  You simply cannot get a deep, restful night's sleep if your mattress is making you toss and turn all night long (note:  your body cannot make any movement without your mind telling it to move . . . you do not want to keep you mind awake all night long by tossing and turning).

Durable.  Nothing holds up better than Latex in the industry.  In fact, some Latex mattresses that were sold over 50 years ago, are still in use today.  Nothing is also more durable than a completely reversible mattress from head to foot and upside down.  Very few mattresses today are made to last 20-years.  Most mattresses made today will hardly last even 10 years, and will not feel the same after only several years of use.  Besides your home, nothing is going to be used more than your mattress.  It makes sense to make a long term investment in the quality of your mattress; and  the quality of your sleep and well-being.

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N&O Natural & Organic Latex-pedic Mattress

N&O Natural & Organic Latex-pedic Mattress

Certified Organic! for the first really new advance in beds . . . the incredible Natural & Organic Mattress by LATEXPEDIC  Sleep easier in unbelievable comfort.  The time you can get a good night's sleep has a lot to do with the way you feel.  The Certified Organic Mattress is so comfortable and relaxing, you are going to wonder how you ever waited so long to PAMPER YOURSELF!  Designed with Certified Organic Latex, Cotton and Wool - you cannot buy a more healthy, comfortable and durable mattress - AND BETTER NIGHT'S SLEEP.  Select a firmness level for your personal use, and take a health break:  Soft, Regular, Extra and Ultra Firm. 



We KNOW! about Natural, Organic and Latex Mattresses.  We know what is "out there".  Most reputable companies selling Natural and Organic Mattresses are very reputable and make a very fine product.  Please call us to answer all your questions about our natural, organic and latex mattress quality and prices (ours is completely reversible, certified organic, . . . and comes in your choice of (4) mattress firmnesses).   Compare Price, Quality, Guarantee, Service and Selection.  Then call LATEXPEDIC  about the very best Certified Organic Mattress.  You'll Be Glad You Did!   


Twin $2297.00

Full $2497.00

Queen $2697.00

King $4597.00

(NOTE ABOUT OUR PRICES:  Many companies sell to retail stores with retail prices usually double the above prices.)






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