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We are the most trusted name in Southern California for Stair Lifts.   FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED SINCE 1964.  MEMBER BBB A+ RATING We have never lost sight of the fact that our success is built upon customer satisfaction: "Your 100% Satisfaction Is Our costa mesa used stairlifts anaheim seat stair lifts recycled huntington beach stair lift seconds stair chairs anaheimOnly Goal!"  LIMITED LIFETIME STAIR LIFT PARTS WARRANTY anaheim stairlifts santa ana stair lift costa mesa bruno elan huntington beach elite stairway seat chairlift fullerton acorn 80 curved stair chair cre-2110 curved chairliftsAfter the original manufacturer’s Parts Warranty expires, we will either charge you our Cost or ½ the Retail Price for the Part.  AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER for all the Stair Lift Manufacturers we sell:  Bruno, Acorn and Harmar.  GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICE Before you buy, our Low Prices are guaranteed to beat all competitor prices. Please compare product price, delivery & installation charges – we are always the LOWEST!   Select from New and Used STAIR LIFTS.  AUTHORIZED DEALER: Acorn Indoor, Outdoor and Custom Curve Stair Lifts.  AUTHORIZED DEALER:  Harmar Stair Lifts. We Sell, Deliver and Install with "Your 100% Satisfaction Ass Our Only Goal!"  AUTHORIZED DEALER BRUNO   Elan stairlift from Bruno, Indoor and Outdoor Elite by Bruno and CUSTOM CURVE CRE-2110 Before you buy, please compare our Low Prices - we guaranteed to beat all competitor prices.  Please compare product price, delivery & installation charges – we are always the LOWEST on BRUNO STAIR LIFT, INDOOR STAIR LIFT, OUTDOOR stairlifts, ACORN STAIR LIFTS AND CURVED stairway STAIRCASE CHAIRS . . . 1(800)727-1954  stairlifts of Southern California:   Los Angeles San Diego  Long Beach  Anaheim  Santa Ana  Riverside  Chula Vista   Irvine   San Bernardino  Oxnard  Fontana   Moreno Valley   Glendale   Huntington Beach   Santa Clarita   Garden Grove   Oceanside  Rancho Cucamonga  Ontario   Lancaster  Palmdale   Corona  Pomona   Torrance   Escondido   Pasadena  Orange   Fullerton




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Acorn Outside stairlift
We welcome you into the family of Outside-Exterior stairlift

Los Angeles Home Stair Lifts LA: Indoor and Outdoor; discount Straight and Custom Curve stairlifts Bruno CRE-2110. All cheap Stair Lift Manufacturers: LA Discount Dealer Bruno, Acorn, Harmar Scooter Vehicle Lifts, and Hawle. Home-residential and Commercial stairlifts. LA stairlift Store Best Price, Quality, Guarantee and Service. Sale Price stair chairs. CHAIRLIFTS INEXPENSIVE CHAIR LIFT MOBILITY SCOOTER WHEELCHAIR ELEVATOR ACCESS ADA
Serving all Los Angeles/Orange County Metropolitan Area.
Discount Elite Straight Rail stairlift
Cost Elite (Model SRE-2010) offers the finest residential home chair lift that reflects the quality home design. The Elite sets the new standard for inside, residential accessibility. Sale Price Elan Straight Rail stairlift The inexpensive home stairlift with features usually associated with top-of-the-line models, our Elan (SRE-3000) keeps stair lift prices in line and on straight track. Used bruno elan home stairlifts delivers the best price, cost discount sale and savings. Cost Elan especially demonstrates our cheap indoor residential home design with the highest quality reviews and ratings. This wonderful discount price Bruno inexpensive stairlift offers a long list of standard features that will please the budget-minded customer. SERVING ALL LOS ANGELES AND ORANGE COUNTY METRO AREAS: 1(800)824-3145 Santa Ana Irvine Glendale ca Huntington Beach Santa Clarita Garden Grove Lancaster Palmdale Pomona Torrance Orange Pasadena ca. Fullerton El Monte Downey Costa Mesa Inglewood West Covina Norwalk Burbank Compton South Gate Mission Viejo California Carson Westminster Santa Monica Newport Beach Whittier Hawthorne Alhambra Buena Park CA Lakewood Lake Forest Bellflower Tustin Baldwin Park Lynwood Redondo Beach Yorba Linda San Clemente Laguna Niguel Pico Rivera Montebello la Habra Monterey Park Gardena Huntington Park Arcadia Fountain Valley Diamond Bar Paramount Rosemead Placentia Glendora HOME combines quality and highest ratings and reviews. Check Yelp rating. There are many stair chairs, but the Elite stands alone! Complement your home chair lifts. Bruno Outdoor Elite Stair Lift
Bruno’s Outdoor Elite Provides Exterior Access
The Bruno Outdoor Elite is the leader among chair lifts for outside applications. An outdoor stair lift Access to your home from an exterior staircase is not a problem. The Outdoor Elite Exterior is the best. An outdoor stair lift outside use of this quality allows you to navigate the stairs outside your home. This outdoor stair lift outside offers unique mobility. Only an exterior home stair lift designed like this one can extend your independence safely and securely outside your home. Not all chair lifts are created equally – Bruno built = Best built - best discount sale cost prices inexpensive. .With the same quality reviews and ratings in a Bruno home stair lift, the Outdoor Elite stair lift provides more.
bruno elite CRE-2110 Custom Curve Stair Lift
Bruno Designs Beautiful, Curved stairlifts Just for Your Home
Every custom curved stairlift is crafted to exact specifications of your stairway. Bruno curved stair lifts provide access while adding to your home’s character. A curved stairlift by Bruno is the solution!
With a safe and durable design, Bruno’s Elite Curve (CRE-2110) can be installed on virtually all curved stairways, with the flexibility of mounting on either side of the staircase.
Installed in just a few weeks, the graceful, elegant Elite Curve retains the beauty of your home, while extending your independence throughout it.

Outdoor Exterior CRE-2110e Bruno Stair Lift

The Great Outdoor stairlift.
The Outdoor Elite exterior outside curved Rail stairlift is specifically designed for exterior use, providing you with the same quality, comfort and convenience available with Bruno's complete line of straight and curved rail stairlifts.
Bruno , the Outdoor Elite Curve Exterior is the best.

The Outdoor Elite Curve moves up and down outside in your exterior stairs chair stairway staircase.

SL350OD Outdoor Stair Lift
HARMAR quality

Harmar’s Outdoor Stair Lift outside exterior model is quality rating and reviews.

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SRE-2010 Bruno stairlifts in Ventura, CA

los angeles stair lifts la bruno elan elite acorn 130 curve 80Make your beautiful house a home, once again. The newly redesigned Electra-Ride Elite combines marvelous elegance with the industry’s most reliable operation. There are many stair chairs, but the Elite stands alone! Complement your home and your lifestyle with the finest in home chair lifts.

Model SRE-2010 
Electra-Ride Elite 
Indoor Straight Rail stairlift


The arms, seat and footrest flip up, creating plenty of space to walk up the stairs.

With superior styling and superb craftsmanship, the Electra-Ride Elite (Model SRE-2010) offers the finest in streamlined, ultra-compact design and performance. A home chair lift that reflects the taste and sophistication of the most elegant homes, the Elite sets the new standard for residential accessibility.

Here are just a few of the outstanding features of this Bruno stair lift:


Remarkable stability through the improved clamping and rail design

A vertical, straight rail that installs to within 6 in (152 mm) from the wall – family members and guests will have no problem using the stairs

Superior aesthetics, including seven different choices of upholstery

Visual coded diagnostics for instant unit status - 
a time saver when maintenance/service representatives know what to expect in advance

Two 12-volt batteries – continuously powered from any household outlet – provide dependable performance, even during outages

A new, offset swivel seat, making the entry and exit position at the top landing safe and easy

Updated for 2010! Learn all about the folding rail options for the Electra-Ride Elite - both manual and powered folding rail options are now available.



We welcome you into the family of Electropedic® residential stairway Lifts.  Since 1964, we are the manufacturer of the Electropedic® Bed.  In 1985, we expanded into a full line of Electric Medical Equipment.

Before you buy an Electric residential stairway Lift, compare Price, Quality, Guarantee and Service.  To give you a price and recommendation, we first need to know if your residential stairway lift is basically straight up and down (and approximately how many feet or steps) - or is it a custom right angle or curved unit (although many people buy (2) two straight units to save on the price of a custom unit.)


Used residential stair lift stairway Lifts are always 1/2 OFF! Custom Curved Units

Most people buy a straight, inside the home unit.  Some people need an outdoor unit.  Some people need a unit that goes into a commercial setting (although Acorn has a standard key switch.)

We need your confirmation that your residential stairway case is made out of wood; and also a confirmation that your bottom floor or landing is either wood, concrete or marble.  (It is always recommended that the unit be installed resting on the landing; although, it is not always "wanted" or practical.  Some models have a flip up bottom track that is not attached to the floor - and can also get out of the way of any passage way or door.)

The unit is ideally installed about 6 to 8" pass the lip of the top residential stairway so you can exit the unit is a comfortable sitting position.

We explain to you that the track for the units are not installed onto the wall, but rest on the steps.  The rail is installed onto the residential stairway with about 8 brackets.

We find out if you are planning to put the unit on the left side or the right side (we always ask if you are down residential stairways, looking up . . . what side are you planning to install your residential stairway lift.)  Then we may ask you to confirm if there are any side rails or doors or access ways that may get in the way.  

We are also going to need an outlet somewhere close to the residential stairway unit.

We explain how most units are actually powered by their batteries.  You are actually plugging in a battery charger.  This system means that your residential stairway lift will also work during a power outage.

Then we may ask about your height and weight.  Most units have a 275 Pound weight capability; but there are specific units with a 350, 400 and 500 pound weight capability.

We ask your height to make sure the unit will fit your height properly.  Most units have a footrest height adjustment (good for people who are short); but some units also have a seat height adjustment; which is beneficial to those 6 feet and taller.

Then we ask your health conditions.  Units are designed so they can be used without anyone else's assistance.  All units come with a seat belt; and the units are made to go up residential stairways and down residential stairways at the simple touch of a button.  The button control is usually put on the right side, so we need to know if both hands are working the same.  The new unit by Acorn has the controls coming standard on both sides.  We need to know if you are going to be operating the unit yourself, or with someone.  All units come standard with both top and bottom remote controls; so someone else can be actually pushing the buttons.

Some people cannot bend their legs into a sitting position; and there are units that allow you to perch or stand.

We need to know if once you are at the top or bottom of the residential stairway, if you are going to be transferring to a walker or a wheelchair.  All units have a swivel seat for the stop, some units swivel both top and bottom; all units have flip up arm rests except the SRE-1550 which have special swing-away (horizontal) arm rests.

Are you going to install yourself or do you need our assistance?  We have a factory trained residential stairway Lift Installer on our staff to assist in your installation.  If you are planning to put it in yourself, most people buy the 16 foot or 20 foot rails and do the final cutting themselves.  The Summit residential stairway Lift Manufacturer will cut the rail to the exact size you need (we need you to take an actual measurement from the very top lip of the residential stairway to the landing).

By now we have a good idea of what price to quote you.  We guarantee the World's Lowest Price and will always offer you an exact written quotation and brochure and online video!  Our company  will also let you know if we have any National Advertised residential stairway Lift Specials.  (We currently advertise in AARP Modern Maturity, VFW, American Legion, Retired Officer, Good Old Days, . . .)

We will also gladly go over the standard features - and options - of the unit we are recommending.  Standard features of new units usually include a beige color, vinyl or fabric seat, low-profile design (14" - the exact specification of the unit with the seat and foot rests folded up), aluminum track, the safety features built in (automatically stopping when the footrest or arm rest hits something), the battery charging system, electronic brakes, battery powered smooth start operation, wireless remote controls, built-in diagnostics (most units today have built in diagnostics letting you know if anything needs servicing on the unit), . . . .

We ask you a lot of questions, and we share with you our experience.  We want you to know, today, all the manufacturer's of electric residential stairway lifts are very good. But getting the right unit for your home and needs - at the right price - is our goal.  Please call (800)727-1954 and talk to an Electropedic residential stairway Lift Specialist. You'll be glad you did.

Los Angeles bruno elite Electra-Ride SRE-2010 Electric residential stairway Seat Lift Chair

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Bruno SRE-2010 Elite residential Lift
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