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The Supernal Hi-Low Fully Electric Hospital Adjustable Bed is available in All Sizes:  Twin, Full, Queen and Dual King

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The Supernal High Low Fully Electric 3-Motor Recliner Bed System is designed specifically for individuals who need hospital bed features at home but do not want the hospital room look. The bed is upholstered for maximum comfort and designed in a way that conceals all electrical components, giving it the appearance of an ordinary bed. The Supernal Recliner Plus bed enables its users to proudly receive visitors in their bedrooms without sacrificing their dignity or compromising on functionality. The patent-pending bed frame combines the quality, elegance, craftsmanship, and cost-effectiveness of American, European, and Asian engineering. The proprietary Supernal Sleep mattresses are designed and manufactured exclusively in the United States. The Supernal Recliner Plus is both high-quality and affordable. Its features include: transfer master supernal illuminated remote controller
The Supernal Hi-Low has all of the features of the Recliner Plus model, with the following specific capabilities:
supernal recliner plus
functionality of the supernal recliner plus
Bed Flat
Head Tilt
Head Fully Raised
Head and Foot Raised
Supernal Recliner
With Optional Hi-Low
Available in multiple sizes, including:
 Twin, Full, Queen, and Dual King
The Supernal Sleep System is a one-stop shop for all of your mattress needs. The two mattresses in this line are the perfect matches for our Supernal Recliner Plus and Supernal Hi-Low beds, as well as an outstanding choice for replacing an existing adjustable bed. Two mattress styles to meet a wide range of needs:
Ascent I and the Soft Touch Ascent I Elements:
Soft Touch Elements:
Two Mattress Cover Options:
Natural Bamboo Quilted Cover Elements:
Stretch Fabric Cover Elements:
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LATEX-PEDIC® High Profile Latex Mattress


Talalay latex is derived from natural material that is inherently hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant, and breathable, making it ideal for allergy sufferers or anyone wanting a cleaner sleep environment. Memory foam and polyurethane foams use chemicals such as acetone and Methyl benzene in the manufacturing process and are not inherently resistant to dust-mites, mold, or microbes. Click here to learn more


Each High Profile Latex Mattress is made one-at-a-time.
Each one has its own serial number.
20-Year Limited Warranty.

Available in (4) Four Different Firmnesses:
Soft, Regular Firm, Extra Firm and Ultra Firm

We put a Softer 1" layer of Latex Foam on BOTH Sides of a 6" Core

Model HP 100% Pure Talalay Latex Mattress:

1. The HP laminated core will be 8.0" thick: The center core will be 6.0" with 1.0" topper and 1.0" bottom;


2. Four Different Mattress Firmnesses: Soft, Regular Firm, Extra Firm and Ultra Firm


SOFT 1.0" ILD 19 + 6.0" ILD 28 + 1.0" ILD 19  


REGULAR FIRM 1.0" ILD 19 + 6.0" ILD 32 + 1.0" ILD 19.


EXTRA FIRM 1.0" ILD 24 + 6.0" ILD 36 + 1.0" ILD 24


ULTRA FIRM 1.0" ILD 28 + 6.0" ILD 44 + 1.0" ILD 28.

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Supernal with High Profile Mattress

Twinsize $3497.00

Full Size $3797.00

Queensize $4097.00

Dual Kingsize $6994.00

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